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The HPE Proliant ML10 Review January 2017 Update

The HPE Proliant ML10 is the entry-level* tower server in HPE’s tower server inventory.

As part of the review series announced here, I received the HPE Proliant ML10 designated for an AbsolutelyWindows RealWorld Review

The ML10ReviewCo January 2017 Update
We have replaced all 8 desktop computers at ML10ReviewCo with HP Pro Desk 600 units.

No new HP tablet from CES 2017 moved us. As a result, we purchased the HP Pro Tablet 10 G1 to replace the Android-based units that were formerly in use.

Our laptop selection is still ongoing, with both the EliteBook 1030 and the Dell XPS13 drawing almost equal adoration from their potential users. ML10ReviewCo company owner is sitting this one out, and he has gotten a hold of a Pro Tablet 10, and is pleased with his device.

The Proliant ML10 Server
This baby is just humming along.

All computing at ML10ReviewCo flows through this device, and it sits unobtrusively in an open ‘rack’ in a newly-enclosed, but well ventilated secure room at ML10ReviewCo.

Users that have all their work and archives on ML10 do not report any issues. In fact, the lack of issues with the retrieval, update and storage of their work are the first accolades we get whenever I show up there with my minions.

That, I like.

We have also been formally asked to expand the scope of our involvement with ML10ReviewCo for the first time, though the owner has been hinting at it for a while.

More to come.

The HPE Proliant ML10 Review Series

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