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Shiny New Thing: The Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote

snip_20170216230904Logitech is a PC peripheral company that has amped up its design chops to Level 11!

Their latest goodie is the Logitech Spotlight presentation remote.

This sleek presentation remote sports a 3-button interface with gesture capabilities.

Connectivity to your PC is via an equally sleek built-in USB dongle, or integrated low-energy Bluetooth. Additionally, your PC is kept awake and snip_20170216230826connected throughout your presentation when using Spotlight.

According to Logitech, that’s not all.

It comes with a built-in USB-C interface for fast charging, which I understand should last up to three months with a full charge, based on usage. A full charge takes about an hour, while users should be able to eek three hours of presentation time from it after a one minute charge!

Haptic feedback is also included, with Spotlight buzzing to notify you of a low-power condition. The battery indicator also glows red when a recharge is required.

In my preview tests, the Logitech Spotlight is rather easy to master.

While I haven’t gone 100 feet away from my PC in the five presentations I have directed using the Logitech Spotlight, I can attest to the extremely long range it afforded me.

Spotlight is compatible with PCs running Windows and OS X/MacOS, and with PowerPoint and other presentation software.

I will be posting a full review shortly.

*Thanks to Ann F.

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