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Let’s revisit the “Is a tablet a PC?” Debate, shall we?

Sometimes, I amaze myself.

I’m serious.

Back in 2011 when Apple iPad was all the rage, I happened to take part in a little debate arranged by NetworkWorld Editor-in-Chief John Dix.

My assertion, then, and as yet very unwavering now, was that the iPad was a niche evolution of the PC.

Not a revolution.

Not at all!

In fact, my primary position was, and is:


My debate opponent of course thought iPad heralded the post-PC era.


Today, iPad sales are down and have been for several quarters, and non-[Windows-based] tablet sales are in the toilet.

It’s almost the Second Coming of Netbooks!

And yet, sales of both Microsoft’s Surface tablets, and the entire Windows-based tablet ecosystem, are on the rise!

Thankfully, NetworkWorld still has the debate up on their site.

And don’t look now, but Apple released the iPad Pro with a keyboard back in 2015.

Validating my April 4, 2012 tweet where I stated


Go ahead and read the debate while I busy myself patting me on the back!

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