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The HPE Proliant ML10 Review: February 2017 Update

The HPE Proliant ML10 is the entry-level* tower server in HPE’s tower server inventory.

As part of the review series announced here, I received the HPE Proliant ML10 designated for an AbsolutelyWindows RealWorld Review

The ML10ReviewCo February 2017 Update
Last month, the owner of ML10ReviewCo approached up with a scope expansion: he would like an additional ML10 to use for a sister firm on a adjacent property.


He wants to physically isolate the Proliants for security.

However, when we look at his current ML10ReviewCo server capacity utilization over the past few months, and coupled with projected CapUtil for his new business, we find that both servers would be severely underutilized.

Even combined into the ML10, peak CPU utilization would hover under 48%.

So, we must go virtual.

Meaning, Hyper-V.

We will still acquire a second HPE Proliant ML10 for that firm. It would be used as a hot backup for the primary device, however.

We are also looking to leverage HPE’s virtual storage appliances for this firm, just to see useful they could be in such a small business.

Stay tuned.

The HPE Proliant ML10 review unit at ML10ReviewCo has been provided by HPE for review by AbsolutelyWindows.

.Logikworx has, and is donating resources and personnel for this review series.

© 2002 – 2017, John Obeto for Blackground Media Unlimited

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