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Announcing a new Ad Hoc Blog Series: The Internet of Stupid Shit

The ELE for humanity won’t be weather related.

It won’t even be due to bombardments by solar winds, the depletion of the Van Allen Belts, or an asteroid breaching Terra, or Luna being snagged by Jupiter or something.

It definitely won’t be by malevolent First Contact with otherworldly species.

No, it won’t be by those factors.

It certainly might be as a result of a brain-addled humanity mentally dumbed-up, Wall-E-like, by the series of nonsensical products flying under the moniker of “smart”, or “Internet of Things” labels.

These days, it seems everyone, and man + dog, are ‘inventing’ silly knick-knacks, calling them “smart-<insert product category here> because they have created an app for it!

I have seen smart toasters, smart percolators, smart bullschthako.

It doesn’t stop!

In order to protect my progeny from this onslaught, I am going to be posting, under a specific banner and associated social media hashtag, the most egregious of these as they come across my consciousness.

This series will be under the topic “The Internet of Stupid Shit”, and for which I hope to use the hashtag #IoSS to great jocularity.

See you online…

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