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The IoSS Files: The Smart Garbage Can

Well, that was q-u-i-c-k, quick!

Yesterday, I made a promise to catalog, and expose the nonsense people were coming up with under the guise of the Internet of Things.

I decided I would class these stupid products as the Internet of Stupid Shit, hashtag #IoSS.

Today, this.


Are you foching kidding me?

A ‘smart’ garbage can.


Remember, when as a young adult, you thought of such a product after you had your first trepanning session?


Actually, I take it back.

Even after a lobotomy, I don’t expect regular sapient humans to yearn to play with their garbage cans.

Now, even the so-called tech press is complicit is this silliness by touting this shit with breathless headlines like the ones throughout this blog post!


Shame on them!

It’s a garbage can, for goodness sakes!

The first entry in the IoSS Files is the ‘Smart Garbage Can’!

Filed under : The Internet of Stupid Shit.

There you have it.

Have you seen any of these abominations that I may have missed? Tweet at me @johnobeto

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