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Why do default apps in Windows 10 SUCK so much?

Seriously, why do the default apps in Windows 10 SUCK so much?

They used to be passable: Paint, Messenger, Windows Media Player, etc.

Now, the default, or ‘ships-with-Windows’ apps are a fugly compendium of barely useful wannabe-default-iOS-apps that aren’t as useful as I remember!

Take Mail, for example.

Seriously, take it. Take it away….to another universe.

Which still wouldn’t be far enough away for that piece of turd.

Or Groove Music app. And the Movies & TV app.

Why are there separate music and video players?

For which their forte is trying to a) upsell a subscription to a less-than-capable music or video service, or b) trying to sell or rent media.

However, they’re ham-fisted in trying to do ecommerce!

Hey, I’m all for trying to part bars of gold-pressed Latinum from the proletariat.

(This noble endeavor is enshrined in The Rules of Acquisition, from Rev. 1 to the latest, as published by the Ferengi Commerce Authority.)

However, their methods aren’t insanely bad!

It’s almost as it they have taken the worst behavior exhibited by Apple, namely that abominable iTunes piece of crap, and lionized it as the ideal for all their default offerings!

Meanwhile, formerly useful add-on bits such as Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Mail, Photo Gallery, and Windows Movie Maker, have been sunset without any replacements.

This, is the future?

Shake your corporate self, Microsoft!

Your default apps really suck.

Make a change.

For the better!

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