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Even on vacations, the proliferation of connected devices continues

Out this past weekend for a family event with several members of my immediate and extended family, and chanced upon our kids with their electronic devices.


For my ‘immediate-extended’ family the devices were

  • Princess: iPad, Kindle Fire HDX;
  • MN: Kindle Fire HDX, iPhone;
  • KA: Kindle Fire HDX
  • #2 Son: Kindle Fire HDX, iPad; iPhone;
  • AN: iPad Mini, iPhone;
  • #1 Son: iPad, iPhone;
  • JeN: iPad, iPhone;
  • OO: iPhone;
  • JaN: iPhone; iPad Pro;
  • CO: iPhone;

The adults were just as bad.

  • Wifey: iPhone, Kindle Fire HDX;
  • Wifey’s Clone: iPhone; Kindle Fire HDX
  • Wifey’s other sister: some Android POC;

I wasn’t much better

  • Me: iPad, iPhone; Dell Venue 8 Pro; HP ElitePad;

In my defense, the ElitePad was in a go-bag I always carry with me when I travel. Normally, it’s in addition to a laptop; however, I did not carry a laptop with me this trip. Neither did Wifey or our kids. (#1 Son is currently iOS-only, relying on his iPad and iPhone for all his computing needs.

So, between the 13 of us, we had 25 devices, with most lugging two devices.

The other husbands are pure luddites, with one even sporting a BlackBerry!

Thankfully, the event hotel allowed 6 devices per room.

The youngest kids, who tend to read a lot, and the moms like the Kindle Fire HDX. The ‘older’ kids liked iPads, with my Godson being the only iPad Pro user.

I was the lone Windows tablet user.

Apple iPhone won this contest going away, with the lone Android and BlackBerry devices as anachronistic “What Are Those’s?

No, there wasn’t a Windows Phone in sight. Or in the county, for that matter!

How cluttered are you and your family with electronic devices when you travel?

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